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About Us

Choosing an accountant is one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional and personal life.


For 23 years, our clients have found that the high standards John McDonald established for our firm make a profound impact on their success in managing their finances.  Although we have the tools and experience to manage corporate accounts at a level beyond the capability of most accounting firms, we deliver the same caliber of service to all of our many personal and small business clients.


Browse the information below and find out how our commitment to smart strategies, professional precision and unparalleled service can make a difference for you.

  • Tax Planning & Strategy - This part of our practice is at the core of everything we do.  Many tax planning scenarios exist that shape a tax plan. Our approach is different with each individual or business, based on all the factors and various financial activities that specifically pertain to that client. Our plans are designed for long-term tax savings with attention to fundamental structure as well as any specialized techniques that provide our clients with a clear and appropriate advantage.

  • Federal & State Audits & Appeals - It requires an accountant with our standard of expertise and experience to successfully represent taxpayers before tax authorities. Our tax professionals understand the dispute resolution and appeals process and work diligently to obtain you the most favorable results.

  • All 50 States Tax Return Preparation - Schumm & McDonald LLC  offers federal income tax return preparation services as well as income tax returns for all 50 states for Individuals, Corporations (“C” and “S”), Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s), Trusts & Estates and more.

  • Financial Statements (Banking Requirements) - Because financial statements are the main source of financial information for most decision makers, our firm places an particularly high emphasis on the accuracy, reliability, and relevance of the information on our clients' financial statements.

  • Budget Control Our team helps managers utilize budgets to monitor and control costs and operations in a given accounting period by helping to implement or enhance their process to set financial and performance goals with budgets, compare the actual results, and adjust performance, as it is needed.

  • Retirement Specialists - We take a comprehensive approach to both the “science” of retirement planning (or what every competent CPA needs to know) as well as the “art” (or communicating this knowledge to clients in various stages of life).  We answer both the common and uncommon questions our clients ask, making sure that they benefit from our practical insights and truly partner with us to implement a successful retirement plan that meets their goals and dreams.

  • IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) -  An OIC is an agreement between the IRS or state taxing authorities and the taxpayer that settles a tax liability for agreed upon amount that is less than the full amount owed.  Schumm & McDonald LLC can help procure an offer in compromise between the IRS or state taxing authorities and you or your business.

  • Accounting System Formulation - We help businesses create and implement management information systems responsible for the collection and processing of financial data vital to decision-makers in planning and controlling their activities.  We provide guidance in every aspect of the formulation of your accounting system: the collection or recording of data; classification of data; processing (including calculating and summarizing) of data; maintenance or storage of results; and reporting of results.

  • Entity Formation – Our firm will assist in planning of formation of new business entities including preparation of State Articles of Incorporation along with federal election forms.

  • Payroll Processing – We provide assistance to employers by preparing payroll checks for periodic payroll as well as assisting in making the required deposits for payroll taxes to the respective federal and state taxing authorities.  We also prepare quarterly payroll tax forms and State Unemployment Reports as well as annual payroll tax forms.

  • Ministerial Tax Specialists - our advisors are among the very few professionals in the country that fully understand clergy taxes, especially in a total financial plan.  No matter what your particular ministerial situation requires, we are ready to provide the most specialized and comprehensive advice for every area of your financial plan.

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